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CCTV Systems

Why get CCTV?

We find our customers choose to get CCTV systems to give instant peace of mind. It’s reassuring to know that the important areas surrounding your property are being recorded 24/7. In the event of a break in, customers are quickly able to look back through footage and provide evidence to the police.

The live view functionality allows our customers to quickly check on the state of their property from anywhere in the world by using an easy to understand app which can be viewed via a mobile or tablet.

Our Systems

Advancing technology no longer means large unsightly cameras. It is our commitment to provide our customers with systems that are effective with not only good quality imaging, but where necessary are discreet and aesthetically sympathetic to the premises.

Whether it’s a single camera to cover a vulnerable area or a multi-camera system covering a commercial site, systems are designed to accommodate individual requirements and risk factors. Camera quality varies depending on budget but most of our systems run with full HD video quality over the very latest cat 6 Ethernet cabling. Our NVRs typically contain 2tb of storage meaning you can store recordings for up to 2 weeks.

The easy to use app contains functionality which allows you to monitor the system live or playback from previously recorded events. This works from any location on a range of devices providing you have an internet connection.

Features include:

  • IP Network Cameras suitable for external use, operating in colour during the day and in BW as it gets dark
  • IP Dome Cameras
  • HD cameras
  • Multi night vision  cameras
  • iPhone / Smartphone viewing for your home or business premises
  • Concealed wiring
  • PTZ cameras
  • Tamper / theft proof cameras
  • Up to two weeks playback time (depending on the size of hard drive)
  • Easy interface to allow maintenance