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Door Access Systems

Why get a Door Access system?

Our systems enable property owners and managers to control the way in which their building is accessed. Instead of distributing keys, these systems are based on key cards and fobs. An administrator is able to control access times, manage access to different areas and easily add and remove new fobs. These systems are naturally more flexible then a traditional lock and key system and will save you time while improving your security.

Our systems

Dawes Security install a range of door access systems designed to control access to a variety of sites ranging from residential homes through to high security, multi-site systems. Door access systems not only protect occupants, staff and property but help prevent theft and damage and the need to replace locks, if keys are lost or compromised.

We provide and maintain:

  • Video and Audio Door Entry Systems
  • Standalone Systems comprising integrated reader and control unit used in conjunction with proximity, magstripes or keypads.
  • PC based access control systems for single and multi-site systems, suitable for high-risk sites and sites where access may require restrictions or time control
  • Monitored Systems
  • Maintenance of existing systems